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Insulation, Weatherization, Efficiency & Comfort


Your Home, Your Comfort & Your Energy Savings

The Department of Energy estimates that 20% to 40% of an average American family's energy bill is actually wasted through uncontrolled leakage, insufficient insulation, and failing ductwork. Proper weatherization and insulation could save that average family about $218 a year.

We know what we are doing when it comes to weatherizing your home!

Newell & Crathern will do a complete Energy Audit that will help you make informed decisions about the proper and most cost effective measures to weatherize and insulate your home. We will inspect, analize, evaluate, test and recommend.

We Know What to Look For

We will look at all the areas of your home where energy is normally wasted and where heatloss usually occurs normally through poor insulation. We look and evaluate everything such as windows, doors, attic spaces, basements and all entries and exits to your home. This is done in a two step process. Click HERE to read more.

The longer you wait the more money you lose and the more energy you waste - insulate & weatherize your home today!

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34 Staniels Road
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